CPO Certified Pool Operator Online Course

The Certified Pool Operator Program is now available 100% online.

Here’s how to earn your Certified Pool Operator designation in 6 Simple Steps:

1. Pick Your Format. There are two ways you can take your CPO online:

Live Virtual Class – Traditional: 2 Day Class Via Zoom – This class is like our standard CPO, but instead of a classroom, we’re doing it via zoom webinar software. 

Live Virtual Class – Fusion: 1 Day Self-Guided E-Learning, 1 Day Via Zoom – This class gives you a bit more flexibility. You can do your E-Learning at your own pace, then join into a single day webinar. Pick your webinar date when you enroll.

2. Pick Your Dates. Dates for both class formats are listed on this page. Pick your class and follow the prompts to enroll

3. Get Ready. We’ll ship your materials immediately upon enrollment. Your textbook and welcome information will arrive in 2-3 mail days via USPS. Enroll with the address you’d like this packet to go to. 

4. Check Your System. You’ll need a reliable computer, webcam and access to the internet for your course. We’re using Zoom for our webinars which you can access via most internet browsers. 

5. Block Off Your Schedule. Your Live Virtual Class will run 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM Eastern unless otherwise noted.

6. Attend Your Live Virtual Course. We’ll “see you” in class. Your program will conclude with your examination proctored online. 

Upcoming Live Virtual Classes

May 2021

Mon. 17: 1-Day Fusion Register

Mon. 17 – Tue. 18: 2-Day Traditional Register

Mon. 24 – Tue. 25: 2-Day Traditional Register

Wed. 26: 1-Day Fusion Register

Wed. 26 – Thu. 27: 2-Day Traditional Register

June 2021

Thu. 3: 1-Day Fusion Register

Tue. 8 – Wed. 9: 2-Day Traditional Register

Mon. 14 – Tue. 15: 2-Day Traditional Register

Fri. 25: 1-Day Fusion Register

Mon. 28 – Tue. 29: 2-Day Traditional Register

July 2021

Thu. 15 – Fri. 16: 2-Day Traditional Register

Fri. 23: 1-Day Fusion Register

Mon. 26 – Tue. 27: 2-Day Traditional Register

August 2021

Mon. 9 – Tue. 10: 2-Day Traditional Register

Fri. 20: 1-Day Fusion Register

Thu. 26: 2-Day Traditional Register

September 2021

Thu. 9 – Fri. 10: 2-Day Traditional Register

Wed. 15: 1-Day Fusion Register

Mon. 20 – Tue. 21: 2-Day Traditional Register

This online version of the CPO is a limited time offering in response to the COVID-19 virus. As such, it’s relatively new to the industry. We’ve worked hard to communicate with all stakeholders involved (health departments, insurance companies and employers) to make sure the course meets all regulatory and standard setting needs. With that said, it’s worth checking in with these groups proactively to see if they have questions about this new course. If those questions arise, please allow us to answer them. Email tim@aquaticcouncil.com for compliance support.

For more information on COVID-19 and your swimming pool, visit the PHTA’s official Coronavirus Response Site.