Pool News

Indoor Pool? Stop That Smell!

It’s an issue we all face – you don’t want your indoor pool to smell like, well…  a pool. A welcoming swim environment has to have great water and great air. Here’s how you achieve both. The Problem – Indoor … Read more

Pool Chemical Safety – Essential Information for Your Entire Aquatics Team

Pool chemicals safety is vital. Chemical spills, inadvertent mixing, splash back and fumes increase risk exposure at every facility. Those risks only grow as more pool personnel have access to chemical storage areas. From front-line staff to management personnel, it’s … Read more

Reopening Your Pool? Here’s What You Need to Know

Guidelines from the CDC can help you reopen your pool as safely as possible. All decisions about implementing these considerations should be made locally, in collaboration with local health officials. Operators of public aquatic venues can consult with local officials to determine … Read more

Resume Writing Tips for Aquatic Professionals

  Changing jobs? Moving up in your current company? Jumping back into the world of aquatics? It’s time to brush up your professional resume. Below, we’ve gathered our best resume writing tips for aquatic professionals, all in an effort to … Read more

Fall Flight – Are You Short Staffed Heading into August?

In a summer full of new issues, an old challenge is still going to test aquatic managers who were able to open their pools this summer, and  you can sense it coming… August always presents a major staffing challenge at … Read more

COVID-19 Pool Shut Down Procedures – Drain or Maintain?

How to safely operate or shut down your pool during a temporary closure. This week thousands of operators closed their doors to the general public in support of social distancing protocols issued by the CDC. If you’re wondering what to … Read more

COVID-19 CPO Course Information

Updates to Certified Pool Operator Classes  Communication – If you are currently signed up for a class you should already be receiving regular course updates. If you are not receiving updates, please email tim@aquaticcouncil.com with your personal email address.  Transferring to Another Class – … Read more

How to Prepare for the CPO Test

Each year, thousands of swimming pool operators put their skills to the test as they complete their Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training and take their formal exam. If you’re heading back to pool school this spring, you can do a … Read more

Countdown to Summer – A Week by Week Pool Opening Checklist

Running a seasonal pool? Don’t wait until May to start your summer season prep work. Follow our week by week pool opening checklist and you’ll be ahead of the summer crowds.   Ten Weeks Out – Early Season Considerations Begin … Read more

Too High, Too Low – Easy Pool Chemical Balance

Pool chemical balance is essential to your successful operator Below, we explore all of the common (and in some cases, less common) chemical values you’re tasked with quantifying.  Read further to find out just what happens when those values are … Read more