Reopening Your Pool? Here’s What You Need to Know

Guidelines from the CDC can help you reopen your pool as safely as possible. All decisions about implementing these considerations should be made locally, in collaboration with local health officials. Operators of public aquatic venues can consult with local officials to determine if and how to implement these considerations while adjusting them to meet the unique needs and circumstances of the local jurisdiction. Their implementation should also be informed by what is feasible, practical, and acceptable.

Maintaining Social Distance

  • Modify facility layout to encourage social distancing.
  • Post barriers, cues and signs when needed. 
  • If required, stagger the usage of communal spaces to encourage distancing. 
  • Arrange or remove furniture and modify aquatic area layouts to discourage gathering and encouraging individuals to remain at least 6 feet apart from those they do no live with. 
  • Cancel group gatherings and events where social distancing cannot be achieved. 
  • Stagger drop-offs and pick-ups of participants. 
  • Consider limiting non-essential spectators, visitors, volunteers and groups.  
  • Exceptions to social distancing guidelines include rescuing a distressed swimmer, providing first aid, or performing CPR with or without an AED. 

Aquatic Facility Modifications

  • Ensure you have appropriate supplies including cleaning products, disinfectants, hand sanitizers, hand soap, paper towels and non-touch trash cans. 
  • Post appropriate CDC signage.
  • Set a schedule to regularly clean and disinfect high touch surfaces, handrails, shared items, furniture and play structures. 
  • Remove or plan to sanitize all shared furniture, equipment, towels and other items. 
  • Increase your HVAC ventilation when possible. 

Considerations for Your Patrons 

  • Encourage appropriate handwashing practices. 
  • Remind patrons to cover coughs and sneezes. 
  • Require usage of face masks everywhere, but not in the pool. 
  • Remind patrons to stay home if they experience any COVID related symptoms. 

Keeping Your Team Safe

  • Have staff self-report if they have symptoms, a positive test or exposure to anyone who may have been infected. 
  • Implement sick leave (time off) policies that are flexible and non-punitive. 
  • Plan for backup staffing. When backup staff are not available, plan for facility closures and ways to alert patrons. 
  • Train staff of COVID protocols (virtually if possible). 
  • Immediately isolate anyone with symptoms. 

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