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Swimming Pool Operator Resource Guide – Quick Access to Swimming Pool Codes, Standards and Regulations

Chances are, if you’ve got a swimming pool question, the answer exists below. We’ve compiled the most up to date swimming pool codes, standards, regulations and resources from around the country. The links and phone numbers will help you access … Read more

All About the WAHC – Earn your CPO at the Premier Aquatic Conference of 2019

Registration is open for the 2019 World Aquatic Health Conference in Williamsburg, VA. Once again, The Aquatic Council is honored to serve as the official provider of the pre-conference Certified Pool Operator training program. All class participants will receive a … Read more

5 Minute Upgrades – 6 Quick Changes for a Better Pool

In the next 30 minutes, your pool can go from good to great. This month we’ve got six no-cost changes that can make your pool more efficient, effective and safer… all in just a few minutes. Label Your Emergency Phone … Read more

Fall Flight – Are You Short Staffed Heading into August?

You know it’s coming. August presents a major staffing challenge at every outdoor pool. College guards leave, high school staff drop off the schedule for sports and essential family vacation requests seem to pop up out of thin air. If … Read more

Stronger Records, Better Pools – How Detailed Reporting Supports the Best Pool Operators

With a couple quick changes to your record keeping, you can save time, money and frustration, all while documenting your best practices poolside.   Incident and Accident Reports Why You’re Doing It – You may be prompted to complete these … Read more

It’s June – Delegate These Tasks!

Running an outdoor pool? Your life just got busy. Save your summer by spreading the workload. Here are some tasks that are easy to share…   Scheduling – Managers love to be in charge of the schedule. At big pools, … Read more

Chem Check Checkup – Don’t Forget Why You’re Testing the Water

Chemical checks at your pool have tremendous value, but with any repetitive task we often lose sight of our end goals. Here’s what you need to keep in mind next time you’re elbow deep.   Compliance – You’re likely checking … Read more

Creative Solutions to Tough Aquatic Problems

Aquatic professionals are a bright bunch. We’re natural problem solvers. Every day, new tasks present themselves and we navigate the challenges wisely. Here are some of the tough problems, and creative solutions we’ve been impressed with this year.   The … Read more

In-Service Topics for Maintenance Teams

12 Essential Aquatic Maintenance Training Topics for a Successful Summer Well-trained maintenance teams are essential to summer pool successes. Here are 12 in-service topics to help you organize your weekly meetings and ensure your teams success.   Safety Data Sheet Training – We all keep … Read more

In-Service Topics for Aquatic Teams

12 Essential Lifeguard Training Topics for a Successful Summer Ready for a great summer? Start by planning the lifeguard training’s that your team needs to perform their best all season long. Here are 12 in-service topics to help you organize … Read more