2018 Resolutions, Part II – A Good Time for Better Pool

Resolutions abound in January – and for good reason. The cyclical process of closing out an old year and ringing in the new presents us with boundless possibilities. If you’ve found yourself with greater gusto, increased optimism and a hope for better things to come, we’re here to help. Take a tip from some of the countries best aquatic facilities. Let their great example be your resolution. Here are a few ways to do great things in 2018.



Do More with Less

The new year is a great time to go lean, but this time around we’re not talking about diet and exercise. Here are some ways you can cut costs to better the bottom line.

EASY – Reevaluate the Schedule

January is a great time to evaluate year-round payroll costs. Are your old schedules yielding maximum efficiency or are there times when you’re using too many people? Small adjustments early in the year can yield big results over time.

MEDIUM – Open the Bidding

When was the last time you evaluated your chemical costs? If you didn’t talk pricing with your chemical suppliers in 2017, you’re probably paying too much. Let them know you’re looking to reduce cost across the board by 20%, and most importantly, that you’ll be accepting quotes from other suppliers. They might just have some bright ideas for trimming costs – and if not, you’re likely to have competitive offers from new suppliers.

CHALLENGE – Start the ROI Search

Ask your colleagues and peers how they’ve saved money in the past few years. Do they have green-tech solution that’s resulting in lower utility bills? Did they cut their cleaning schedule with a robotic vacuum? Did they outsource a task to a company that could do the job more efficiently? Ideas that “pay for themselves” are sometimes too good to be true… but with a little research, some really do produce great results.

Keep Track of Everything

You’re going to learn a lot in 2018. Don’t forget these great lessons. Cataloging your experiences will lead to long-term improvements. Here’s how.

EASY – Do Less Math

Some pool operators find themselves scribbling out formulas and equations, determining simple chemical dosage amounts every single day. Stop the repetitive effort and make a chemical adjustment sheet personalized to your pool. Include only the chemicals you use and craft the math to fit your pool volume. Triple-check your work and post your dosage chart on the wall in the pump room. You’ll save time and reduce the likelihood of incorrect chemical dosage.

MEDIUM – Incident? Accident? Write it Down!

Work with your risk management team to develop great incident and accident forms. Once you’ve got them, consistently document injuries, rescues, upset patrons… you get the picture. This information becomes valuable when we review it as an aggregate. You’ll notice patterns that can be eliminated with quick fixes, better policies and stricter rule enforcement.

CHALLENGE – Fill a Binder

Here’s a task that takes a few hours now, but saves tons of time in the future. Download and print every manual, for every piece of mechanical equipment you have in your pump room. Alphabetize and store them in a three-ring binder. Troubleshooting just got easier. Preventative maintenance planning is now a simple task. Ordering parts will no longer be painful. You’ll thank us later.

Keep People Safer

Your facility caries inherent risk to patrons and personnel. With some foresight and planning you can reduce the likelihood and severity of incidents and accidents poolside.

EASY – PPE Upgrade

Start the year with fresh personal protective equipment for the crew. Take a look at your chemical Safety Data Sheets and audit PPE to make sure you’ve supplied what’s required by OSHA.

MEDIUM – Goodbye Chemicals

Safety in the pump room starts with your chemicals. Consider cutting the variety and quantity of the chemicals you store. Bottom line… less is safer. Take an hour to evaluate what chemicals you really need to have on hand, and in what amount. Make an inventory control sheet and implement strict standards on what you stock. Properly dispose of any chemicals you’re not going to use.

CHALLENGE – Weekly Walkthrough

Develop a safety inspection checklist and schedule weekly audits of your pump room, pool deck, locker rooms and associated facilities. Share the expectations with your team, or better yet, utilize them in the design and implementation process.


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