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Reducing Drowning Risk at Your Pool – A Comprehensive Approach

Reducing drowning risk at your pool is a task that requires considering many layers of protection. A comprehensive analysis of your aquatic facility can identify opportunities for safety improvements In the United States drowning is the leading cause of injury … Read more

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Pool Operators

We’re fortunate to work with great operators at great pools around the country. Each has their own unique background and skill set, but some regular habits are consistently met by all great operators. Does your pool make the grade?   … Read more

9 Poolside Risks that are Easy to Miss

When pool season is in full swing don’t get so caught up in the action that you pass over these poolside risks that are easy to miss. Here’s what we’ve been catching at facility surveys and poolside audits and quick … Read more

The Complete Aquatics Manual – What Topics to Cover With Your Team

What’s in your aquatics manual? Great staff guides are easy to understand, but thorough enough to cover expectations for most poolside scenarios. Below, we suggest the outline for a great training document. Detail your team directives, discuss them with your … Read more

Pool Party Games and Activities

Take your summer bash to the next level with these easy to do pool party games and activities. The plan is simple. Pick a main event, add some stations to support it, then consider few add-on activities to make your … Read more

Front of the House, Back of the House

Separating the front of the house from the back of the house is an essential task for every aquatic manager. Some actions, areas and activities should be considered strictly behind the scenes.  Quickly improve your pools professional image by closely … Read more

Seasonal Pool Opening Checklist – A Successful Summer Starts Now

Seasonal Pool Opening Checklist Summer is coming, and if you run a seasonal pool, it’s time to get ready. Follow our seasonal pool opening checklist and you’ll prepare for summer success. We’ve broken down pool management into three categories – … Read more

Risk Reduction Strategies for Public Swimming Pools

Risk reduction strategies are an important consideration for all aquatic facilities. Swimming pools carry inherent risks for patrons and employees alike. Reviewing risk reduction strategies should be a regular occurrence for all aquatic facility managers.   Step 1 – Identify … Read more

2018 Resolutions, Part II – A Good Time for Better Pool

Resolutions abound in January – and for good reason. The cyclical process of closing out an old year and ringing in the new presents us with boundless possibilities. If you’ve found yourself with greater gusto, increased optimism and a hope … Read more

Aquatic Director Goals – Commit to a Better You

Something is in the air in January. Change seems easier at the start of a new year. Utilize that energy to make great things happen in 2018. This month we’ll release our best ideas on how to improve your job – … Read more