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Facility Surveys – How an Extra Set of Eyes Can Keep your Pool Safer

Extra sets of eyes on your pool means extra protection, reduced risks, decreased costs and happier patrons. Every year we visit dozens of facilities and work side by side with operators to note best practices and opportunities for improvement. A … Read more

A Deeper Dive – Using your Test Kit to Improve Swimmer Experience and Reduce Costs

Your test kit is the key to clear water, happy swimmers, effective chemical usage and a protected pool structure. Don’t let those reagents sit unused. Follow us on a guided tour through the typical test kit.   Chlorine / Bromine … Read more

Pool Chemical Safety – Essential Information for Your Entire Aquatics Team

Pool chemicals are dangerous. Chemical spills, inadvertent mixing, splash back and fumes increase risk exposure at every facility. Those risks only grow as more pool personnel have access to chemical storage areas. From front-line staff to management personnel, it’s essential … Read more

Sun Protection – What Your Team Needs to Know

Take a walk out on the pool deck on a hot August day. Around this time of year, we see the short-term effects of sun exposure. Lots of tans, a handful of burns, and a select few folks who have … Read more

Lights, Camera, Action. How a Dive In Movie Can Mean Big Successes Beyond the Feature Presentation

Looking for a huge summer hit? A movie on the big screen is just the ticket. This marquee event will attract regulars and new patrons alike and is sure to be a crowd pleaser with appropriate planning.       … Read more

10 Steps to a Safer Summer

Here come the summer crowds! As attendance at your pool grows, so does your risk exposure. Below, we break down your pool into three specific sections and address ways to reduce the opportunity for injuries and accidents poolside. Make waves … Read more

60 Second Audits – Quick-Look Pool Inspections for Non-Aquatic Professionals

Life is busy. If your team manages a pool, but you’re not directly involved, the pool deck, pump room and lifeguard office may seem like foreign territory. Don’t let that stop you from checking in on the team. Here’s how … Read more

3 Months, 3 Plans – Personnel, Programming and Pool Operations for a Successful Summer

Summer is coming, and if you run a seasonal pool, it’s time to get ready. Follow our 3 month checklist and you’ll prepare for summer success. We’ve broken down pool management into three categories – Personnel, Programming, and Pool Operations. … Read more

Who’s the Boss? Get to Know the Standard Setting Agencies Associated with Your Swimming Pool

If you have job that involves a swimming pool, you answer to agencies and organizations that impact the way you do business every single day. Some, you may be familiar with – like your health department. Others, you may not … Read more

Hire Great, Train Great, Evaluate – Raising the Bar for Lifeguards

Coast to coast we’re noticing a shortage of lifeguard candidates. This has many aquatic managers softening their requirements for the applicant pool. Don’t fall into the trap. Limited amounts of prospective candidates or not, keep the bar high for your … Read more