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COVID-19 Aquatic Facility Resources

As summer swim season approaches, we’re committed to providing you with the latest aquatic facility resources from nationally recognized regulatory bodies and standard setting agencies. PHTA – Pools and Hot Tubs are Essential “Without proper pool and hot tub maintenance … Read more

COVID-19 Pool Shut Down Procedures – Drain or Maintain?

How to safely operate or shut down your pool during a temporary closure. This week thousands of operators closed their doors to the general public in support of social distancing protocols issued by the CDC. If you’re wondering what to … Read more

COVID-19 Swimming Pool and CPO Course Information

Latest Swimming Pool Information From the CDC  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released the following regarding COVID-19, Swimming Pools and Hot Tubs:  Can the COVID-19 virus spread through pools and hot tubs? There is no evidence that COVID-19 … Read more

How to Prepare for the CPO Test

Each year, thousands of swimming pool operators put their skills to the test as they complete their Certified Pool Operator (CPO) training and take their formal exam. If you’re heading back to pool school this spring, you can do a … Read more

Countdown to Summer – A Week by Week Pool Opening Checklist

Running a seasonal pool? Don’t wait until May to start your summer season prep work. Follow our week by week pool opening checklist and you’ll be ahead of the summer crowds.   Ten Weeks Out – Early Season Considerations Begin … Read more

Too High, Too Low – Easy Pool Chemical Balance

Pool chemical balance is essential to your successful operator Below, we explore all of the common (and in some cases, less common) chemical values you’re tasked with quantifying.  Read further to find out just what happens when those values are … Read more

Indoor Pool? Stop That Smell!

It’s an issue we all face – you don’t want your indoor pool to smell like, well…  a pool. A welcoming swim environment has to have great water and great air. Here’s how you achieve both.   The Problem – … Read more

CPO Pool Operator Primer – 2020 CPO Fusion Updates

Recent adjustments to the CPO Pool Operator Primer (Fusion Program) have made earning your certification more convenient than ever. Fusion Students start their CPO program online and complete their training with a single day in-class, cutting out-of-office time in half. … Read more

Pool Chemical Safety – Essential Information for Your Entire Aquatics Team

Pool chemicals safety is vital. Chemical spills, inadvertent mixing, splash back and fumes increase risk exposure at every facility. Those risks only grow as more pool personnel have access to chemical storage areas. From front-line staff to management personnel, it’s … Read more

10 Inexpensive Items No Pool Should be Without

Have a little wiggle room in your year-end budget? Here are a couple great ways to make life easier poolside, without breaking the bank. Commercial Grade Test Kits – No money is better spent poolside, period. Your test kit pays … Read more